Jeff Harris ND

Jeff R. Harris, N.D.

Naturopathic Healthcare

The Five Levels of Healing

Knowing which level(s) need to be treated leads to healing

The healing work I do is based on a model of the whole human being existing on five levels. It is not important that you understand or even believe in these levels. In fact, some of the levels are beyond the minds ability to understand yet they still have an effect on your health.

The first level is the physical level and is made up of two parts:

  1. the structural body and
  2. the bio-chemical body

These two make up everything of the physical body.  Problems with this level are the most common reason people go to a doctor; something does not feel right or has happened to the body and we want it fixed.  Having a healthy physical body is the foundation of health in the physical world.

The second level is the Electrical level which is made up of the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).   When the ANS is in balanced regulation there is health.  There are two parts of the ANS: one is Fight or Flight (Stress), and the other is Rest, Relax, Digest and Heal.  Most people come to me because their ANS is not regulating properly due to electrical interference which is not capable of being healed by using only treatments for the first level.  Things that cause problems here are scars, and physical and emotional traumas.  The emotions are also part of the electrical system.  The main therapy I work with on the second level is Neural Therapy, to remove blockage or reset the ANS, leading to electrical balance and health.

The third level is the Mental level and is composed of beliefs, thoughts and attitudes most of which are fixed in a person by age seven.  We all know our own self talk, what we say to ourselves and others.  Sometimes we think we have little control over our thoughts and don’t realize we have a choice.  We are not victims of our past; we are powerful beings capable of choice and change.  That’s one of the beauties of being a human the ability to adapt and to change.  Proper use of the mind is very important to our health.

The fourth level is the Archetypal level or symbolic level of human existence.  This is where dreams, metaphors and the realm of Gods and Goddess’s exist encompassing all different cultures.  At this level there is a connection to deeper parts of ourselves and is beyond the level of the mind and thought.  We have an intuitive sense of this level.  From here comes our basic, unconscious, primal drives like the need for relationship, community, security and connection.  We all seek these symbols out some in the form or other they could be a religious icon, a mascot for a team, a logo for a company.  Dreams often speak to us in this language beyond the mind to give us insights.

The fifth level is difficult to define.  I call it the level of Divine light or Soul.  This is the level of the God of all religions, without name and form, beyond the physical, emotional, thought, and symbology.  The light of the fifth level is the core of every being and shines through each of the lower levels.  If this light is blocked, a shadow is created which becomes disease on each level the shadow passes through, down to the physical level.  Determining the level at which the light is blocked and removing the blockage on each affected level brings the quickest healing.

Each of the five levels is interdependent.  We have the responsibility to maintain the health and balance of each level to the best of our ability.  The more levels a person consciously integrates into their life the better the chances for true health.

May All the Beings in All the Worlds Be Happy!