Jeff Harris ND

Jeff R. Harris, N.D.

Naturopathic Healthcare


You have the power to prevent disease in your body

The power you use to prevent disease is called choice

Everyday you are making choices that affect your health.  I often say to people if you eat the standard American diet you’ll get the standard American diseases.  These diseases include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis to name a few.  Sometimes, debilitating disease can be prevented if you know how to make the right choices.

The Five Levels of Healing gives the map of how to prevent disease.

1st Level (Physical level)

Eat healthy food, drink clean water, breathe clean air and eliminate toxins by the natural routes of elimination (bowels, urine, exhaling, sweating).

In my opinion, the number one health destroyer is sugar.  It ages the body, feeds cancer cells, inhibits the immune function, burns out the adrenal glands, and ruins teeth and on and on.  As a compromise for those with a sweet tooth, I recommend one dessert per week only after a full meal.  No candy except chocolate without added sugar.  Within two months of kicking the sugar habit you will notice such a change in your well being you will thank me.  In addition, you will be preventing many future health complications-just by making a choice for your life.

Choose to get regular exercise.  I recommend a minimum of 20 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week.  If you can get it up to one hour it is far better.  One way to start is to wear a pedometer and each week write down the number of steps.  Then set goals with yourself to increase the number of steps you take each week.  Stretching and/or yoga are very important to maintain flexibility.  The more flexible you are the younger you are.

Choose clean food, water and air.  The best food is grown in your own area, (supports your local farmers too), that is fresh in season.  One step better is the same food grown organically.  The amount of food to eat for a person is individual; just cup your hands together like you are making the biggest scoop you can.  Whatever food it takes to fill your cupped hands is your meal size.  In America we have too large of a portion size and that’s the main reason we gain weight.  Portion size and quality of food determine our weight.

Water can be from a clean well or filtered (8 -10 glasses per day).  Bottled water, I feel, is better than tap water but it does get plastic dissolved into it.  I will often dump out the water and refill it with filtered water so that I can use the bottle that doesn’t break.  Distilled water in plastic has the same problem and I feel that it needs to have minerals added back or it may deplete the body.  Bottled water in glass is better to ingest yet more difficult to carry.  Also, it is good to put a filter on your shower as it pulls out the chlorine which can age the skin.

Air that is fresh is very important.  It is healthy to get outside as much as possible.  If you live near an ocean or large lake there is an added benefit of negative ions in the air.  They are present when you smell the fresh clean smell.  I believe they are beneficial.  It is healthy to have the air in your house change every day.  If it’s cold outside you can do this by opening all your windows for just 10 minutes in the evening.  You’ll sleep better and wake more refreshed.

Circulation is very important for health.  While blood does circulate when you exercise it’s going through your muscles.  To get the blood to go through your organs you can use hot and cold water at the end of your shower.  I do this every day.  As you rinse off use hotter water than usual, don’t burn, then get your whole spine, tail bone, legs, neck, sides, gut, chest, and face in the full blast cold water (if you have a heart condition contact your doctor before trying this).  It will wake you up and you’ll feel warm all day.

Intestinal cleansing should be done at least two times per year, spring and fall.  I recommend that you have a doctor experienced in cleansing guide you.

Take a good multivitamins and minerals each day and other supplements as needed.  What I mean by a multivitamin is not anything off the store shelf.  The good ones are usually in capsules not one a day pellets.  Other supplements you need are determined by your health status and your exposure to toxins.  If you live in a city, I recommend taking Chlorella supplements; it is a great protector and a food.

2nd Level (Emotional Level)

Neural therapy is one of the best preventatives I know for emotional-energy disturbances affecting the body (for more information, see the link for neural therapy on this site).  It can find and treat big and small things that would cause disease.  Also, it can eliminate their effects on the body.

Choose to develop a good sense of humor, laughter is very healing and creates happy molecules in our bodies.  Emotions are to pass through the body and mind and give us information.  Often people tell themselves lies about emotions saying that they have to feel this way or that way because of something.  There are no “have too’s” with emotions or anything else.  Grow the healthy emotions and you will thrive.

3rd Level (Mental Level):

Affirmations are very helpful for health maintenance.  Repetitive and non-repetitive prayers are very important.  Praying the rosary or repeating a mantra help to focus the mind on what is important in life and relieve stress.  Train yourself to focus on what you want.  The more you focus on others the better you will feel.  We are designed to live together in harmony with all others.  Give up judgment of others and give forgiveness and you will always be happy.

Richard Gere, the actor, had many problems and started to say “May God Bless You and All Generations that Spring Fourth From You” to everyone he saw and he got better so can you.

4th Level (Symbolic)

Do self inquiry and learn what your story is.  What I mean is, the story that you are living controls your life as long as it’s unconscious.  Learn what you are doing that creates your life.  Find out if you create your life from fear or from Love.  One of my teachers, John Boren has often said “The results are the intention” use this and you will figure out your story quickly.  What are the results of your life?  Are you healthy and wealthy, sick and poor, just making ends meet whatever your story is, it’s just a story.  See it and go beyond the need of any story. Dreams, meditation, insights are helpful to learn about your story.

It is good to imprint yourself with stories of successful and inspiring lives.  I recommend stories of Saints and Holy people.  Common stories that people live are found in these books:  for women “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Estes Pinkola and for men “Men and the Water of Life” by Michael Meade, to name a couple.

5th Level (Light)

Beyond all stories is Love and Truth.  Cultivate living with Love and Truth with gratitude, forgiveness, unity, purity and other noble qualities.  Know that you are the light and have always been the light and always will be the light.  Know that you have always created you life from Love.