The teeth are often overlooked by medicine as a causefor disease. I have found cures for the whole body just by treating themouth. Dental care and hygiene, and mouth care and hygiene areimportant parts of a healthy lifestyle.   I work with several excellentdentists in the Seattle area as part of comprehensive care in mypractice.  The dentists I work with are highly trained and many havespecialties. We work together as a medical team to ensure you get thebest treatment.   Examples of when I will refer a client to a dentistare for removal of the silver (mercury) amalgams, removal of rootcanals, and cavitations.

One of the biggest issues related to oral health iswhen mercury and other heavy metals have gotten into your body from oldfillings.  Removal of heavy metals from the body needs to be carriedout carefully and with expertise.  There are many different protocolsfor heavy metal chelation and I am trained in all of them.  Effectivetreatment  usually requires one visit per month until the heavy metalsare cleaned out of the body and nervous system. Sometimes treatment cantake a year or more to get the heavy metal load out of your body.

There are some standard treatments I use to help a client who mayrequire a dentist's services.  Prior to having mercury amalgamsremoved, I will give you products to protect your health from themercury exposure that happens during the removal process.  If there isinfection, abscesses, or cavitation I will treat that before and afterdental treatment as well.  Neural therapy has very good protocols forworking with the mouth.

After the dental work is completed it is important to check to seeif the interference is removed from the nervous system.  I use find this out and identify if there is some thing that is needed tocomplete the work of healing your body.  It is healthy to see me afterany dental work to check this out for you.