I have specialized in Heavy Metal detoxification for more than 12 years. 

It is a very important thing to know how to do correctly. 

We are exposed to heavy metals in the form of:

  • pollution
  • Mercury amalgam dental fillings
  • water pipes
  • food - just to name a few.

Many things we are exposed to and use, have heavy metals in them,even dirt.  Heavy metals build up in our nervous system and otherplaces that have slow or low circulation, and can cause disease. They are so poisonous the body stores them deep inside to try toprotect from the poisoning.  They are part of cancer, heartdisease, Fibromyalgia, memory problems, difficulty with social skills,to name a few.  Also, they can block regulation so that the bodycan't heal from other illnesses.

Rarely does anyone remove heavy metals from the body without support, so specialized treatment is needed. Often heavy metals go undetected as a factor of disease because manydoctors don't look for them.  If they are a problem for you, I amcapable of helping you get them out of your body.  I have workedclosely with dentists to arrange for the removal of silver amalgams forclients if it is necessary.