There are times when it is important to just talk and say what may be troubling you. 

My office is a safe place to discover what is really going on, andto explore issues deeper than the surface that may be the cause of thesuffering.  I'm here to listen.  Each of us needs a place we can trustwith our fears and concerns, a place to test our insights where theywill be honored, a place to explore the secrets hidden inside.  I cangive this type of safety to you.

Sometimes people just want to ask questions to someone they trust. 

Sometimes you may want to understand what I am thinking about foryou or more about the program I have you on.  I'm here to communicatewith you about your health.

Many people like this aspect of my doctoring.  I listen so that Iunderstand how you experience your concern(s), this way I can know besthow to serve you.