This is a treatment that was developed by Dean Howell N.D. from atreatment called BNS (Bilateral Nasal Specific) taught by DrStober. 

Neuro Cranial Restructuring is a technique that moves the bones of the head in relationship to gravity

It has helped many people with sinusitis, headache, TMJ, insomnia, pain of all types and especially back pain. 

The treatment is done by placing a finger cot into the nose in theposition indicated by the testing, and then inflating the finger cot sothat it moves the bones of the head from the inside.  It's theonly structural treatment I know that improves the balance andproprioception. 

Often I have to caution people not to go for personal bests inexercise or sports after a series, because they feel so good.  Thetreatment is done on four consecutive days, and testing is done beforeand after to make sure there is improvement.  Usually, there are 4to 6 series to reach the goals.