Homeopathy is an elegant system of healing that uses small doses of a material in a diluted, potentized form. 

It requires in-depth understanding of you as a whole person andeverything that is part of your inner and outer world.  Mostimportantly, homeopathy has the ability to gently touch places notaccessible through other therapies and bring healing; and it does allthis without suppressing the illness. 

There is a need for patience with this treatment because there aremany thousands of remedies to choose from and getting the exact matchrequires persistence.  Once the remedy has been taken, we evaluatetogether if it is the correct one. When the right remedy is found thebody gets the picture of what it is supposed to fight and getsbusy. 

Acute illnesses like colds, flu's, aches, and pains are usuallyself limiting, but can pass more quickly when treated with homeopathy. Chronic illnesses, ones that people have had for a long time, are deepseated.  These take time with any type of treatment and, when it'sappropriate, homeopathy can speed the healing process.  Also,homeopathy can help prevent illnesses by strengthening the immunesystem.

Suppressed disease occurs when an illness is treated by relievingsymptoms that then manifest in a stronger more serious form later.

A common example of suppression is a child with eczema, (a skincondition of extreme dryness, peeling and redness), that has cortisonecream prescribed, and the skin heals.  The child feels temporaryrelief but later develops asthma because their illness was suppressed(pushed in) by the cortisone cream. 

By misunderstanding the nature of the disease it was suppressed,pushed into the lungs, and made more life threatening and difficult totreat.  When a person experiences disease from a suppressedillness, homeopathy can bring healing and restoration that can appearalmost miraculous.

Another principle of homeopathy is that a current illness can becaused by illnesses from previous generations in a client's family. A classic example of this is illnesses that stem from an ancestraltreatment of Syphilis with mercury.  Mercury is a toxic metal thatmany years ago was used to treat Syphilis.  Unfortunately, thistreatment had the effect of suppressing the Syphilis and then killingthe person from the toxicity.  Any children born from a personreceiving this treatment could have the taint of the suppressedSyphilis and mercury in their genetic makeup.  Generations later,family members can develop many different diseases from this heritagethat include cancer, ulcers of the skin or stomach, and unwholesomedesires like lust, greed, anger.  This is just one example ofhereditary illness that can affect us.

I use testing, your history information, and detailed study to determine the proper remedy for you.

Homeopathic medicines are easy to take; I usually dispense these in water, in either a daily or single dose application.