Signal Enhancers


Signal enhancers with a polarization filter give an amplification to the testing.  They are made of material that has the abilty to transmit information in the form of light.  Based on advanced physics.

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Pain article: 

Neural therapy is a comprehensive healing system that works with theAutonomic Nervous System (ANS) to bring about balance and healing.  Physical or emotional trauma, surgery, illness, disease,accidents, and scars, all have an effect on the ANS and can cause it to become blocked.  When it is blocked, a person can be stuck in fight or flight reactions that feel like fatigue, pain, burn-out, inflammation and the inability to heal.

Neural therapy is the use of local anesthetics (procaine, B-12,homeopathics) injected into the area of blockage to release or reset the Autonomic Nervous System.  There is often immediate relief,and the patient can experience a feeling of euphoria, energy going tothe head (lightening reaction), and/ or emotional release and releaseof long-held toxins.  All of these responses are important in thehealing process.

One of beautiful things about neural therapy is that it can go directly to the site of the problem and clear it out, relieving the toxic burden that can build up.  Once the toxins are released, thearea is cleansed and can heal.  On occasion, the blockage or interference is not at the site of the current problem.  By doing an extensive history and testing I can find, locate, and treat, the source of the problem.  Frequently single treatments are adequate but if the body is much depleted, therapy may need to be repeated.  In a pure Neural Therapy case it takes about 3 to 4 visits to clear the Autonomic Nervous System.

An example:  A man came to my office for a knee injury sustained while skiing.  He had had knee surgery and regained full function but he had chronic pain at the site.  I did neural therapy to the surgical scar and his pain went away permanently.

I call scars "straws on the camel's back" because they can be a source of stress and drain the body.  The body can take only so much of these cumulative strains before it crashes in the form of illness.  Once the body crashes, all the "straws" have to be removed to return to full health, and with neural therapy I have an effective tool to remove them.

Neural therapy has a way of resetting the ANS and the whole energy system that really helps people get well and stay well.  An example:  A woman came to me with severe back pain that started after she gave birth to her child.  After treating the scarring she received during delivery, she has been pain free.  I have treated many women that have difficulty of some kind in the pelvic areaafter childbirth, including sexual problems, with good results. One man even sent his wife back for another neural therapy treatment, he was so happy with the changes in their intimacy.

Neural therapy can be used to treat areas of the body that have been traumatized in accidents, like neck injuries from whiplash.  Incertain cases, if I can treat a person within 24 hours of the injury,they can leave with the whiplash gone for good.  This has saved many people from long, costly, and painful recoveries.  It is so simple and the results speak for themselves.

I have used neural therapy in my practice for over 17 years with much success, and now teach it to other doctors.