Jeff Harris ND

Jeff R. Harris, N.D.

Naturopathic Healthcare


Cleansing is about getting rid of the byproducts of normal cellular function so that bacteria, parasites, and viruses, don’t have food to survive inside the body. Cleansing or detoxification means clearing the body of built up debris. The by-products of normal cellular function should be removed on a regular basis.  We hope that the lymphatic system, circulatory system, liver, bowels, kidneys, skin and other organs do an efficient job, but, we are exposed to toxins in great abundance and the body often needs support to clean out.

I recommend cleansing around the Spring and Fall Equinox’s. These are transition times for the planet and our body.  In the Spring we are coming out of the cold dark months of Winter and typically have not had much movement or fresh food so there is a buildup of toxins.  If these are cleaned out each Spring, we support the body into a healthy Summer of activity and fun.  In the Fall the change is from light to dark and it is important to prepare for the stagnation of winter and the cold and flu season.

There is no one right way to cleanse and I choose a different type of cleanse each Equinox based on the conditions. Each person may need a different body system supported during the cleanse.  Some need a colon therapist or lymphatic drainage during the process while others need massage.  I have a full range of therapists that I have worked with for many years and make referrals for you as needed.