Jeff Harris ND

Jeff R. Harris, N.D.

Naturopathic Healthcare

Autonomic Response Testing (ART)

A.R.T. is a system of muscle tone testing developed by Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., PhD., that is used to test the health and responsiveness of the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

I use A.R.T. to determine the presence, level, and type of blockage present in the autonomic nervous system.  Muscle tone testing is an excellent biofeedback mechanism and enables me to fine tune and personalize treatments for each client.

One of the most important things A.R.T. enables me to do is identify the priority.  The priority is the problem / interference /blockage that needs to be addressed first to put the body in the direction of healing.  Sometimes the nervous system is not working correctly because it is trying to heal or improve an imbalance that is secondary to the “priority” problem.  By treating the priority effectively, we are able to move on to the next priority till we get to work on what you came in to have treated.

There are seven categories or priorities that can block proper autonomic nervous system regulation:

  1. Interference Fields – Surgeries, scars, traumas, injuries, root canals, infections.  These can be treated directly and often have quick results.  People will say that they have never been better since that surgery or injury.  Chronic, low-grade infections are quite common today and drag down immune system function and create ANS interference.  Frequently the client with hidden, chronic, infection will say they “know something is wrong but can’t figure it out”.  The often find temporary relief with anti-inflammatories.
  2. Heavy Metal Toxicity – The number one source is mercury fillings in the mouth.  Other sources of toxicity are car exhaust, air pollution, water pollution, smoking, paint, dyes, sewage, pigments, and some sea foods.  Symptoms of toxicity include a hard time making decisions, memory problems, and lack of clarity and precision in thought and behavior.  Heavy metal toxicity becomes the priority for most everyone at some time in the treatment program.  It takes time and patience to clean out these destructive poisonous substances.
  3. Psychological Stress – Trauma, abuse, neglect, addiction, chronic negative affirmation, suppressed emotions by conscious or unconscious means, (including drug use), cause a great deal of pain in human existence.   In general, our society has little understanding of how to recognize and effectively deal with psychological stresses, often because we live in judgment and fear of strong emotions.  The healing of these is simple once we get down to them.  We bury our own being behind these traumas from the conclusions we make about ourselves that is usually faulty.
  4. Food or Food Additives, Allergies, Sensitivities, Reactions – Sugar, dairy, wheat, and other foods that are eaten regularly can cause problems in our systems.  Once this is recognized and stopped by removing the food, improvement is very rapid.  For instance, I used to get pneumonia and or sinusitis every year. When I quit dairy products, these illnesses stopped occurring.  Often other lab testing is needed to determine the minor allergens.
  5. Geopathic Stress, Earth radiations, x-rays, cell phones, electrical towers  – These energies affect us greatly and few people know about them or their effects.  There are simple ways to protect yourself if they are a source of nervous system interference for you.
  6. Solvents  –  from cosmetics, body care products, cleaning products.  Our systems can become sensitized to chemicals used in common products.  There are products we can buy and use that do not contain these substances. Once these substances are discontinued, clients slowly get better as they clean out.
  7. T.M.D./ Malocclusion  –  The bite is very important and difficult to get right even  with the best dental work.  Jaw pain or popping is a common symptom of a bite being off, and this is helped a lot by NCR (Neuro Cranial Restructuring).

A.R.T. is a valuable tool I use to identify your priority and make a thorough assessment of your body systems.  Once I have this information we can make a plan together to design an effective treatment program.

The seven factors blocking regulation were adapted from Dr. Klinghardt and Dr. Williams.