Neural Therapy Conference:  Bogota, Columbia October 2022 more info coming

Neural Therapy 1 Workshop Seattle, WA

September 9th, 10th and 11th, 2022

Presenter - Jeff Harris, N.D.

Dr Harris has 30 years of experince in Neural Therapy

This is a hands on training.

Important updates regarding treatment for vaccine injury, COVID syndromes also included.

Course Objectives:

Neural Therapy

  1. Learn the basics of how Neural Therapy works:
    • History
    • Theories
    • Practical applications
  2. Learn how to take patient histories in the neural therapy style.
  3. Learn treatments for pain, headaches, asthma, and more…
  4. Practicum with supervision for:
    • Scar Treatments
    • Segmental therapy
    • Trigger point therapy
  1. Learn and practice more advanced Neural Therapy injections. Tonsils, Adenoids, Male and Female Inferior Hypogastric Plexus, Thyroid and more.
  2. Learn how to bring more benefit to your patients with less discomfort.
  3. Learn to do the injections during the Practicum: Multiple sessions for each participant to learn directly with Dr Harris’ guidance.

Where:  Bastyr University Campus:  14500 Juanita Dr NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

Register with credit card by contacting Dr. Harris or his staff at 206-517-4748; or mail check to: Naturopathic Healthcare Inc., 7201 - 5th Ave. NE, Seattle, WA  98115.  Include your name, email address, and phone number.

Venue Bastyr University room #146
Days: Friday September 9th 9:00 to 5:00
  Saturday September 10th 9:00 to 5:00
  Sunday Septemper 11th 9:00 to 1:00
Cost First time- $1600  Discount- $100 off if paid by August 5th 5:00 PST
  Refresher- $1100  Discount- $100 off if paid by August 5th 5:00 PST
  Students- $1100  Discount- $100 off if paid by August 5th 5:00 PST


Registration — Contact Jeff Harris ND:      206-517-4748

Rooms at Bastyr University:  TBD